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Visi and my feet collection

13 Feb

My husband drew his feet with his left hand (being right-handed). He is after all the silent partner of Touchee Feelee. I put the pencil drawing up on the wall and it came to me, napkins! It’s perfect, wiping your mouth with someone’s feet, what more could you want after a roquefort ciabatta?

Slowly the table runner and no-feet-on-the-table felt coasters developed and finally after many failed attempts of trying to laser engrave an image onto felt, the welcome place mat emerged.

Now, the reason for the life story of the feet collection, Visi magazine thinks it’s pretty awesome. See my interview here: http://visi.co.za/content/article/2061/art-touch   it’s worth a read.


light grey welcome place mats

light grey table runner

light grey table runner

no-feet-on-the-table felt coasters