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Visi and my feet collection

13 Feb

My husband drew his feet with his left hand (being right-handed). He is after all the silent partner of Touchee Feelee. I put the pencil drawing up on the wall and it came to me, napkins! It’s perfect, wiping your mouth with someone’s feet, what more could you want after a roquefort ciabatta?

Slowly the table runner and no-feet-on-the-table felt coasters developed and finally after many failed attempts of trying to laser engrave an image onto felt, the welcome place mat emerged.

Now, the reason for the life story of the feet collection, Visi magazine thinks it’s pretty awesome. See my interview here: http://visi.co.za/content/article/2061/art-touch   it’s worth a read.


light grey welcome place mats

light grey table runner

light grey table runner

no-feet-on-the-table felt coasters


I Love my Laundry exhibition

4 Feb

‘I love my Laundry’ is a very interesting place. Some may not be sure what exactly they do, so let me enlighten you. They’re a dim sum bar. Not bar as in alcohol, but bar as in a small store or booth serving refreshments or providing a service. That refreshment is cake, coffee or dim sums (or whatever the plural is for many dumplings), that service is, well.. laundry.

Their concept is ‘this is your home’. You go there to eat, chat to friends while you sip on coffee and have your laundry done. On Wednesday the 20th March (17:30 – 19:00) Touchee Feelee will be all over the place for all to touch; together with ‘I love my Wine‘ who will have a free wine tasting. Be there. Tweet @ilovemylaundry to put your name on the list. Almost everything is for sale.

Details of I Love my Laundry:

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday: 7am-7pm (these people work!), EXHIBITION: 20 March, 17:30 – 19:00

What to expect in terms of food: Eight pieces of Dim Sum with complimentary coffee or glass of wine: R40; Coffee: R15; Mineral Water: R10; Arizona Ice Tea: R15

What to expect in terms of laundry: very reasonable (I’m not going to go into ironing and kg’s).
59 Buitengracht Street | Heritage Square | Cape Town | +27 (0) 84 660 0777 or +27 (0) 83 602 0291

street entranceinside I love my laundrydim sum


Introducing THE handmade Pamper Pack

8 Jan

If your holiday made you feel like you need a break, what you really need is one of these pamper packs. HAPPY new year by the way, wishing everyone a relaxing and rejuvenating year that feels like one long bubble bath!

The Pamper Pack includes one microwavable eye therapy pad *(choose from six designs), one oatmeal bath bag *(refillable, choose white or brown) and 5 delicate jellyfish hankies.

US$67  (or R570 for South Africans). Email euodia at touchee feelee dot net or use the contact form here.

Pamper Pack by Touchee Feeleepers_lavender

Jellyfish hankies, lace-edged

Jellyfish hankies, lace-edged

Brown Tea bag bath soak

Brown Tea bag bath soak

White Tea bag bath soak

White Tea bag bath soak


My new Japanese stockist…

21 Nov

Everyone needs a Japanese stockist..no? This was what she ordered to go all the way to Matusa city for her new shop. She’s opening an online shop and from what I understand it sells only tea towels (that sounds like my kind of shop..)

Anyway.. she wanted some custom tea towels and asked if I could make some with my hummingbird illustration and a few with my artichoke pen drawing. It came out better than I expected. – the linen just prints beautifully.

I’m so impressed with these two new tea towels, I’ve decided to include them in my range. Check out Azusa Toda’s shop here: http://keplo.net

newest addition to the Touchee Feelee family of cool stuff

Another addition to the ‘Touchee Feelee family of cool stuff’, born 2 min after Hummingbird tea towel.

Packaging everything 🙂


The feet collection

26 Oct

This is my feet collection (it’s not actually MY feet though..). I designed this range with the idea of being slightly rebellious or naughty. It includes: 1 light grey double layer muslin cotton table runner, 4 white cotton dinner napkins, box of 6 ‘No-Feet-On-The-Table‘ felt coasters and 4 ‘Welcome mat’ felt place mats.

The felt coasters and place mats come in 3 colours: light grey, dark grey and black – choose your colour when you order. Everything can also be ordered separately. If you’re in South Africa, you can purchase from my hello pretty shop or if you’re in a hurry (and live in Cape Town) email me, you could EFT and we could arrange to meet somewhere instead of posting.

If you’re outside of South Africa you could buy from my Etsy shop. Some good news: for the next two weeks there will be no lead time on any products, so order quick-quick and you’ll receive it in no-time!