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More herringbones & something for your beach house!

10 Oct

I promised more herringbone patterned cushions a few weeks ago. Well, let’s just say I didn’t stop there šŸ˜‰
I’d like to share some new designs with you bit by bit, not all at once.

It’s like eating chocolate fondant really, really slowly, savour each bite…



Herringbone rainbow


Complete nautical range. Big thanks to Nico from Nihaka for the beautiful old globe.


Clouds & sunshine





If, however, you are an ‘all at once’Ā  kinda person, check out my LookBook Here.


Buy these cushion covers here: http://store.toucheefeelee.co.za/


My new Japanese stockist…

21 Nov

Everyone needs a Japanese stockist..no? This was what she ordered to go all the way to Matusa city for her new shop. She’s opening an online shop and from what I understand it sells only tea towels (that sounds like my kind of shop..)

Anyway.. she wanted some custom tea towels and asked if I could make some with my hummingbird illustration and a few with my artichoke pen drawing. It came out better than I expected. – the linen just prints beautifully.

I’m so impressed with these two new tea towels, I’ve decided to include them in my range. Check out Azusa Toda’s shop here: http://keplo.net

newest addition to the Touchee Feelee family of cool stuff

Another addition to the ‘Touchee Feelee family of cool stuff’, born 2 min after Hummingbird tea towel.

Packaging everything šŸ™‚


Cabbage tea towels

28 Sep

These tea towels are 100 % linen & printed with natural inks AND available at my online shop. Why Linen?
The texture is beautiful – well that’s reason enough for me, but..
Linen lasts up to 3 times longer than cotton!
It can absorb 20% of it’s weight in water.
Naturally resistant to bacteria.
It’s lint free so perfect for drying glass and also to cover warm bread (cause no one likes lint bread..)

Set of two cabbage tea towels

Pink Cabbage tea towel, 100% linen

Purple cabbage tea towel, 100% linen

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