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Look familiar?

10 Oct

Almost all my prints re-photographed:

To see more, please go to my Etsy shop OR HelloPretty.

They’re all archival quality prints from my original illustrations. The hummingbird is A4 the rest A3 size.

Artichoke pen drawing on grey textured cement background, archival quality

Watercolour artichoke, printed onto creamy Somerset watercolour paper, archival quality.

Artichoke ink drawing on deep blue, textured paint photograph, large print, archival quality.

From my garden!


Cabbage tea towels

28 Sep

These tea towels are 100 % linen & printed with natural inks AND available at my online shop. Why Linen?
The texture is beautiful – well that’s reason enough for me, but..
Linen lasts up to 3 times longer than cotton!
It can absorb 20% of it’s weight in water.
Naturally resistant to bacteria.
It’s lint free so perfect for drying glass and also to cover warm bread (cause no one likes lint bread..)

Set of two cabbage tea towels

Pink Cabbage tea towel, 100% linen

Purple cabbage tea towel, 100% linen


Hankerchiefs for those snotty comments…

15 Sep

Hopefully I won’t be needing the hankies for any snotty comments 🙂

There are 5 different jellyfish illustrations (see the paintings on a previous post) all printed with natural inks and edged with cotton lace.

I think a set of these would make a wonderful gift. You can pick up a set of 5 OR buy them single at my new online shop (http://hellopretty.co.za/touchee-feelee).
FREE shipping within South Africa!


Two tea strainers

27 Aug

This is what I did today. I’m going to print it onto white Egyptian cotton and onto this other brown, very natural-looking fabric I found. And then make huge tea bags from them…mmm. You might be wondering what the point is, well, you fill them with oatmeal and whatever other lovely stuff you want (like dried flowers, essential oils etc.) and hang it in you bath tub while you soak – very moisturizing.

Share if you like it.

Cheers                                                                                                                                         -Euodia                                                                                                                                                                                 


Jellyfish in water(colour)

24 Jul

This is what I’ve been up to lately. Jellyfish swimming in water… in watercolour and acrylic. I’ve printed them onto woman’s handkerchiefs with cotton lace edges – very feminine! There is a reason why I chose jellyfish for a handkerchief – but I’ll leave it up to you to figure that one out… 🙂 That’s all still work in progress. I’m also planning to transfer them onto wood.

Let me know if you like it.

Photography by my über-talented husband, Louw Roets.


Celebrating the artichoke some more

26 Apr

Blue paintMagenta risingcement artichokeThese are pen on paper, layered with photographs.

The textures were photographs taken in Taiwan, Yingge (鶯歌), a small pottery town, a 30-minute train ride south of Taipei City.

We were lucky enough to be taken on a personal tour by a pottery designer into one of the pottery studios close to the old streets.

We found a small courtyard where all the left-over pottery paint were dumped over walls and the cement floor. These wonderful textures where the result.

These prints would look great in a kitchen with a rustic feel. I sell them in Touchee Feelee’s Etsy shop, printed on a 300 gram bright matte fine art paper. It’s also archival certified for 100 years. The image above is the original one I drew before I layered it with the textures.


Guesthouse CD cover

14 Apr

For those of you who don’t know about ‘Shoot for board‘, it’s a project my husband, Louw, and I started in 2011 where we photograph resorts, lodges, home-stays and guesthouses around the world FOR FREE and then stay and eat there for free as well. So far we’ve stayed in Taiwan, India and South Africa for free. Usually when we’re traveling I don’t design a CD cover for the CD’s we give containing the photographs, but for the one we did in Cape Town, I did make one since we moved back to South Africa for good.

La Rose is a charming guesthouse in Bo-Kaap, Rose Street. It’s owned by a French man and his South African wife…lovely people. Anyway, I drew then painted this little rose especially for them and printed it on a simple CD sleeve made from fabriano .

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