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Introducing my new ‘Blue Rain’ tea towel plus exhibition ends tomorrow!

9 Apr

We had a ball shooting these tea towels yesterday. But it gave me a special fussy feeling inside when we shot my new ‘blue rain’ tea towel for the first time. The lens really does put your products into the right atmosphere; and styling linen is a dream because it drapes beautifully! The ink I use is natural and Eco friendly, but the best part (and the reason it won me over) is that it’s soft to the touch – no nasty plastic feel.

I’ve always been in love with those classic French vintage tea towels. The repetition of those faded blue lines makes any brunch table classy – but they’re hard to get hold of so I decided to make my own contemporary version. You can buy directly from me, simply email euodia {at} toucheefeelee.net

The price is R185 or US$21 each. Free shipping within South Africa and shipping $10 for everywhere else in the world.

Oh, and my exhibition at ‘I Love My Laundry’ ends tomorrow – so hurry if you’re in Cape Town, mothers day is coming up…

blue rain tea towel

blue rain

Rain falling

falling rain

blue rain tea towel blue rain tea towel blue rain tea towel _DSC5470 _DSC5475 Pink & purple cabbage tea towel Pink & purple cabbage tea towelartichoke tea towel artichoke tea towel


‘I love my laundry’ exhibition – on right now!

25 Mar

My exhibition started on Wednesday at ‘I love my laundry’ dim sum bar in Cape Town (59 Buitengracht Street)! A laundry party is what they call it, complete with a washing line and vintage pegs.. It will be on for three weeks (so until 10th April 2013), so hop on over and order some of the most amazing pork and coriander dumplings you’ll EVER  EVER have… while (hopefully not) drooling over all the Touchee Feelee goodness.

Everything on show can be purchased on the spot! Also look out for some amazing work by other designers and artists like Hendriette Rademan, Heloise Bottomley, Leila Badsha and Alex Jordaan.

~ Euodia
untitled (5 of 6)

untitled (1 of 6) untitled (2 of 6) untitled (3 of 6) untitled (4 of 6)  untitled (6 of 6)



My new Japanese stockist…

21 Nov

Everyone needs a Japanese stockist..no? This was what she ordered to go all the way to Matusa city for her new shop. She’s opening an online shop and from what I understand it sells only tea towels (that sounds like my kind of shop..)

Anyway.. she wanted some custom tea towels and asked if I could make some with my hummingbird illustration and a few with my artichoke pen drawing. It came out better than I expected. – the linen just prints beautifully.

I’m so impressed with these two new tea towels, I’ve decided to include them in my range. Check out Azusa Toda’s shop here: http://keplo.net

newest addition to the Touchee Feelee family of cool stuff

Another addition to the ‘Touchee Feelee family of cool stuff’, born 2 min after Hummingbird tea towel.

Packaging everything 🙂


My products at the market

11 Sep

Touchee Feelee went to the Lock Stock market this weekend! It’s every second Saturday in Sir Lowry road, Woodstock, Cape Town. What a great day! We listened to live classical piano while sipping our coffee from artisan roasters, Truth coffee, and selling my hand made goods. I was lucky enough to get my 1st stockist (more about that later).  If anyone anywhere in the whole wide world wants to buy something from Touchee Feelee you can. I’m busy sorting out my Etsy shop and it should be up and running in the next few weeks. But if you’re in South Africa you can email me (euodia (at) touchee feelee (dot) net) with your order and I’ll post it to you as quick as I can – free postage within South Africa, YEEEAAAH!!

Scroll right down to the bottom and like my Facebook Page cause I’ll be giving away some gifts soon- you might be the lucky winner!

These rather large ‘tea bags’ contain oatmeal and milk powder for a very moisturizing bath. Tie it around your faucet and soak.. They are refillable and come in two colours/ fabrics.

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