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Free printable fathers day cards!

10 Jun

I’m doing my bit for humankind by making sure every dad gets a card this year. No one has an excuse with a choice of four (mind you, five if you include the Afrikaans one) printable watercolour cards I painted. My favorite is the hat, simply choose your favorite and print! Remember Father’s day is on the 16 June this year.

How to download?

1) A download link will be sent with the confirmation email when you sign up for my updates HERE .

2) If you’ve already signed up for my updates, email me at euodia@toucheefeelee.net and I’ll happily reply with a link to download all five cards.

Size: A5 folded to A6 (21cm x 14.8cm).

Tip: Suggested paper to print on: cream/off-white heavy weight, textured paper (a cotton rich paper or recycled paper also looks good).




Download these for free above


Hats off to you, dad


Rad dad






You sir, are a gentleman

*UPDATE: These cards have been removed as father’s day has passed. I’m busy with artwork for the next big thing!


Doll face cushion. This one’s for art lovers.

15 May

Last week I launched a new cushion. It’s a watercolour doll face I did and then printed onto cotton and made up into a large cushion. The doll I painted was found severed in a ghost town in North-Dakota, USA.

The concept behind it was to give ‘things that people lost’ a 2nd chance.
Hope you like it!

Size 40cm x 60 cm.
Buy: http://store.toucheefeelee.co.za/products/doll-face-scatter-cushion
Cushion inner also available.

illustration on paper

illustration on paper

60cm x 40cm cushion

60cm x 40cm cushion

Dark green backing

Dark green backing

Touchee Feelee Label

Touchee Feelee Label

Little nose

Little nose

Flat cushion cover

Flat cushion cover

eye of an eye

eye for an eye


Introducing my new ‘Blue Rain’ tea towel plus exhibition ends tomorrow!

9 Apr

We had a ball shooting these tea towels yesterday. But it gave me a special fussy feeling inside when we shot my new ‘blue rain’ tea towel for the first time. The lens really does put your products into the right atmosphere; and styling linen is a dream because it drapes beautifully! The ink I use is natural and Eco friendly, but the best part (and the reason it won me over) is that it’s soft to the touch – no nasty plastic feel.

I’ve always been in love with those classic French vintage tea towels. The repetition of those faded blue lines makes any brunch table classy – but they’re hard to get hold of so I decided to make my own contemporary version. You can buy directly from me, simply email euodia {at} toucheefeelee.net

The price is R185 or US$21 each. Free shipping within South Africa and shipping $10 for everywhere else in the world.

Oh, and my exhibition at ‘I Love My Laundry’ ends tomorrow – so hurry if you’re in Cape Town, mothers day is coming up…

blue rain tea towel

blue rain

Rain falling

falling rain

blue rain tea towel blue rain tea towel blue rain tea towel _DSC5470 _DSC5475 Pink & purple cabbage tea towel Pink & purple cabbage tea towelartichoke tea towel artichoke tea towel


Oh deer!

21 Dec

Really enjoyed painting this deer. What do you think?


Just to be clear, those are not my fingers, they belong to Louw, my husband.



deer in watercolour.



Little red and yellow riding hood

13 Dec

Did this over the weekend.

red and yellow

red and yellow


Can you hear me?

11 Dec

I love the tones of grey in this watercolour ear I painted on Sunday. I’m thinking… a wall covered in small watercolour paintings of random body parts?

an ear in watercolour

an ear in watercolour


My other half in watercolour

7 Dec

This is my husband, Louw, done by me in watercolour. What do you think?