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Kokedama tutorial

19 May

Some of you might know that my husband, Louw Roets, is a furniture/ industrial designer. He recently took part in the Decorex show in Cape Town and we wanted to bring some plant life into his stand, but shelving was a bit of a problem, so we naturally thought of ‘hanging plants’ aka kokedamas.
We’re very handy people so if we’re able to make something ourselves we almost always do.

Kokedama is a Japanese word that means ‘moss ball’ and some call it poor man’s bonsai. Here’s how to make your own kokedama (it’s extremely easy by the way, so don’t be daunted):

DIY Kokedama tutorial:

You’ll need:

* A Fern, succulent or any other plant that will happily live indoors
* Potting soil or bonsai soil
* Moss, green moss, peat moss or sphagnum
* Twine
* Fishing line
* Scissors
* Bucket
* Jug of water
* Spray bottle


1) Put your potting soil or bonsai soil in a bucket. Mix in 10% moss and enough water so that you can make a ball without it falling apart. So you’ll have 90% potting soil and 10% moss. Set aside.


2) Prepare a jug of water. Carefully remove your plant from the pot. Shake the roots gently to remove most of the soil. Dip it in the jug of water to get more soil off.


3) Cover the roots in a small amount of moss (it helps if your hands are wet at this stage). Very gently tie natural twine around the roots to keep the moss in place.


4) Back to the soil. Make a ball (the size would be relevant to the size of your plant). Squeeze any excess water out and make a hole with two fingers. Place the roots of the plant inside the hole.


*I found that larger mud balls will crack open sometimes, this is fine, just place the plants’ roots inside the crack and close and form the ball again._DSC0333

5) Prepare the moss by pulling it apart slightly. Again, it’s good to have wet hands at this stage – cover your mud ball with a layer of moss.


6) Start wrapping twine around your plant until it’s tight. Please note that the plant we did in the picture is not wrapped tightly enough, it was our 1st try. Make a knot at the top.


7) Spray/mist with water.


8) Tie fishing line to the top of the ball and hang! (please do not use twine to hang your plant, it will spin and spin and spin until it breaks off – been there done that).


9) Either spray your kokedama every morning or remove it and dip it in a bucket of water once a week (I find the dipping works better with ferns).


*Look out for my kokedamas on my ‘Kamers Vol Geskenke‘ stand.

Show date: 6 – 8 June, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.

I’ll be the one with all the cushions & eye pillows on the first floor 🙂



A couple of free doves and a market

30 Aug

I’ll be at the Woodstock Exchange tomorrow & next Saturday (7th of September) as part of the Lock Stock Design market.

Markets remind me of big open pedestrianized areas where flocks of pigeons come to be fed by hobo’s or anyone walking around with a piece of old bread.

Now that’s when I spotted the painting I did of two doves cooing.

I’ve made it up into a gift card (which is free to download btw) that you can give to your sweetheart, because we don’t need reasons like birthdays or valentines day.

This is ONLY available to my newsletter subscribers and only for your personal use. If you’re not yet a subscriber, click HERE.

If you are a subscriber, check your email 🙂

How to download? (skip this part if you know how to download a PDF)

  • Click on the download link once you subscribed to my newsletter (a download link will be given on the ‘confirmation’ page).
  • A page with the card of doves will open once you click the link, you must have Adobe Reader to be able to see PDF’s.
  • On the upper right corner, RIGHT-click on the down arrow (2nd button from the right).
  • Choose ‘save page as‘ or ‘save file as‘.
  • Then choose your destination like Desktop and click ‘save’.
  • Print it on very thick off-white paper, A4 size.
  • Cut along the dotted lines and fold.
  • Voilà!




Felt doily potholder giveaway!

29 Jul

I’m giving away 3 of my felt doily potholders (worth R160 each – US$18) to three lucky gals!! As some of you might know, all my felt products are proudly made in South Africa right here in the heart of Cape Town. It’s made from thick durable industrial felt that’s also washable (very gently by hand) and it can handle the heat – tried and tested!

What’s great about these potholders are that they can be used for soooo many things, not only to keep your table from those dreaded heat stains. I sometimes use them for place mats, especially for lunch or tea time when I use smaller plates. They’re also great used as traditional doilies, under decorative bowls.

How to enter:

1} Like my Facebook Page:   (or hit the FB like button on the right sidebar of this blog)

2} Join my tribe: (or hit the blue ‘join my tribe’ button on the right sidebar of this blog)

3} Answer the question below in the comment box (click on ‘change’ then click the small FB icon to use your FB account):

If I gave you an R800/ US$85 Touchee Feelee voucher, what would you buy at my online shop: You can go a bit over or under R800 (about US$85)

The deadline for entries are Wednesday morning 9:00, the 7th of August. Three winners will be announced later in the day.

felt potholder


cheease cake wth doily

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

The winners are:
1) Victory York
2) Karen Kelly
3) Nicolette Nel

Congratulations! You will each receive a felt doily potholder! Please get in touch here: and send me your delivery address (if you live in Cape Town you can alternatively pick up your prize from me).

Free printable fathers day cards!

10 Jun

I’m doing my bit for humankind by making sure every dad gets a card this year. No one has an excuse with a choice of four (mind you, five if you include the Afrikaans one) printable watercolour cards I painted. My favorite is the hat, simply choose your favorite and print! Remember Father’s day is on the 16 June this year.

How to download?

1) A download link will be sent with the confirmation email when you sign up for my updates HERE .

2) If you’ve already signed up for my updates, email me at and I’ll happily reply with a link to download all five cards.

Size: A5 folded to A6 (21cm x 14.8cm).

Tip: Suggested paper to print on: cream/off-white heavy weight, textured paper (a cotton rich paper or recycled paper also looks good).




Download these for free above


Hats off to you, dad


Rad dad






You sir, are a gentleman

*UPDATE: These cards have been removed as father’s day has passed. I’m busy with artwork for the next big thing!

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