Antique doll portraits

30 May

Mid May was my birthday and my husband, Louw, took me to Simons Town (40km from Cape Town) for a bit of sight seeing, lamb pies, chocolate ganache mousse cake..

anyway… (drooling on my keyboard).. He took some shots of all the vintage dolls in this cute little second-hand shop. I knew immediately that I wanted to paint them as I got an itch to paint doll faces after my doll face cushion.
So I got home and over the next two weeks I put together a body of work that consists of faces.

If you’re interested in buying one of these original art works check out my other Etsy shop:


~ Euodia

pink lady

Pink lady



boy in mustard with blue bow tie

baby blue bow tie

girl in coral

baby with coral collar

mustard boy

Mustard boy




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