Kokedama tutorial

19 May

Some of you might know that my husband, Louw Roets, is a furniture/ industrial designer. He recently took part in the Decorex show in Cape Town and we wanted to bring some plant life into his stand, but shelving was a bit of a problem, so we naturally thought of ‘hanging plants’ aka kokedamas.
We’re very handy people so if we’re able to make something ourselves we almost always do.

Kokedama is a Japanese word that means ‘moss ball’ and some call it poor man’s bonsai. Here’s how to make your own kokedama (it’s extremely easy by the way, so don’t be daunted):

DIY Kokedama tutorial:

You’ll need:

* A Fern, succulent or any other plant that will happily live indoors
* Potting soil or bonsai soil
* Moss, green moss, peat moss or sphagnum
* Twine
* Fishing line
* Scissors
* Bucket
* Jug of water
* Spray bottle


1) Put your potting soil or bonsai soil in a bucket. Mix in 10% moss and enough water so that you can make a ball without it falling apart. So you’ll have 90% potting soil and 10% moss. Set aside.


2) Prepare a jug of water. Carefully remove your plant from the pot. Shake the roots gently to remove most of the soil. Dip it in the jug of water to get more soil off.


3) Cover the roots in a small amount of moss (it helps if your hands are wet at this stage). Very gently tie natural twine around the roots to keep the moss in place.


4) Back to the soil. Make a ball (the size would be relevant to the size of your plant). Squeeze any excess water out and make a hole with two fingers. Place the roots of the plant inside the hole.


*I found that larger mud balls will crack open sometimes, this is fine, just place the plants’ roots inside the crack and close and form the ball again._DSC0333

5) Prepare the moss by pulling it apart slightly. Again, it’s good to have wet hands at this stage – cover your mud ball with a layer of moss.


6) Start wrapping twine around your plant until it’s tight. Please note that the plant we did in the picture is not wrapped tightly enough, it was our 1st try. Make a knot at the top.


7) Spray/mist with water.


8) Tie fishing line to the top of the ball and hang! (please do not use twine to hang your plant, it will spin and spin and spin until it breaks off – been there done that).


9) Either spray your kokedama every morning or remove it and dip it in a bucket of water once a week (I find the dipping works better with ferns).


*Look out for my kokedamas on my ‘Kamers Vol Geskenke‘ stand.

Show date: 6 – 8 June, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town.

I’ll be the one with all the cushions & eye pillows on the first floor :)



Soft dusty pink home

11 Mar

I love this dreamy space. The hand blown glass pendants by Woltemade dangling above while I lay my head on a soft cabbage cushion in that light filled room with one of Mej. Leus’ vintage styled skirts, eating little strawberry meringues by Lady Macaron…


From top left:

Pots & blossoms in corner by The Photographer

Woltemade’s Vonk Light

Lady Macaron’s Strawberry Meringues

Mej. Leus’ Wobble Hem Skirt

Interior space via The Style Files

Touchee Feelee’s Cabbage Cushion.


Stand One-O-Three: Design Indaba 2014

24 Feb

One O Three. The number of my stand at the 2014 Design Indaba in Cape Town. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to exhibit at the Design Indaba for almost 6 years.

I will be the most thankful person exhibiting and not only because I booked the second last stand available :)
I hope every person reading this will make an effort to come to the expo and introduce themselves to me.


Image credit: Design indaba (


Place: Cape Town International Convention Centre (The CTICC is within easy reach of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, major hotels and the rest of the city centre)
Date: 28 Feb – 2 March 2014
Times: 10:00 – 20:00
Entrance fee: R80 p/p

A heart in Blue Rain

27 Jan

The striped cushion range has been a huge success and I’m very grateful for that.
Quite a few people asked me to do a striped cushion in blue (similar to the blue rain tea towel), so here it is:


detail2 kant  vashou

Buy it HERE:

And then… we all know what special day is coming up next :) But I’m a firm believer in spoiling your sweetheart for no reason at all; so no need to wait until Valentines day to get your hands on this red heart watercolour cushion.styled

detail2 kant  vashouBuy it HERE:


My new cushion range

3 Dec

It’s always so exciting to see a painting go from an image in my head, to a watercolour painting on paper to an object you can touch.

I haven’t spared anything with this new luxury range of cushions. Everything from the fabric to the ink to the zip and back was chosen for a reason.

Coral-orange, turquoise & black are the colours I’ve been obsessing about lately.

vashou styled styled styled groen.vashouThe fabric is soft and cuddly, and won’t fade in the sun, because it’s a mixture of linen and cotton which makes it incredibly durable. The natural oatmeal colour, makes it practical and won’t show dirt marks as quickly as a white fabric will (parents will love me for this :)).

Then the print is made using natural inks that can be washed and ironed over – although I always suggest ironing on the revers. And the best part is that it’s soft to the touch, unlike screen printed fabric.

And guess what? Shipping in South Africa is still FREE.

If you need any more convincing, just look at the beautiful photographs of the cushions done by my husband, Louw:   (click the image to see more of each cushion).

If you’re in Cape Town, come and say hi at The V & A Waterfront. I’m in a pop-up shop in the Red Shed until the end of December!



Touchee Feelee interview with Freek Robinson

20 Nov

Hi all!

My interview with Freek Robinson with regards to the whole Woolworths debacle will be broadcast on KYKNET tonight at 21:00 on channel 144.

Other airings will be on

Thursday, 21 Nov at 15:30

Friday, 22 Nov at 03:30

Friday, 22 Nov at 09:30

Saturday, 23 Nov at 02:00


Spread the word!


The hummingbird cushion continued

18 Nov

Good morning!

Today is a good day, so for now I would like not to talk too much about WW, but I’m definitely taking matters further as their story is still full of holes and I stand by every word that I blogged about on Friday the 18th of October.

Just to clear any doubt, I do have permission from the late R.W Scott’s son, Gregory Scott to use the photograph of the Ruby Throated hummingbird as a reference for my painting. Gregory is a wonderful photographer who lives in the US and uses high speed flash techniques to capture these tiny creatures. These techniques allow for the amazing feather detail (see here:

On a more joyful note, I would like to introduce the, new and improved, hummingbird cushion:

Buy it here (limited amount available):

_DSC7540 _DSC7780 _DSC7698I decided to make it 50cm x 50cm so that South Africans can easily find an inner. I also chose a higher quality fabric, a cotton linen blend in a natural beige colour. The cotton linen (as apposed to pure linen or pure cotton) is more resistant to UV light and won’t fade in the sun like a pure fabric will.

This cushion is entirely locally produced using natural inks to print the hummingbird. It is heat cured for durability producing an image that is set right into the fibres of the cushion that will not crack over time, making the print soft to the touch as apposed to a layer on top of the fabric like screen printing often does.

The cushion cover has a hidden zip at the bottom for easy removal. And a Touchee Feelee label on the upper right corner.

Buy it here (limited amount available):